Over the years a few artists have reached out to me about using my bee photographs as reference for their art work. Here’s some of them.


Aussie based artist Sarai Meyerink made this beautiful piece based on this Amegilla (Asaropoda) or teddy bee photo.


Artist Lauren Broughton painting based on this Amegilla bee (Blue Banded Bee) photo.


Here’s a shout out from masherdesigns and his super cool mural work at Yeppoon State High School in Queensland, AU

This is masherdesigns / CQnativebees mural work at a primary school in Queensland. This is great example of how a mediocre photo can still be useful for an awesome art project 🙂

The next one here is a collection of work by Sydney based artist & mosaic maestro, Christine aka Birds Bees and Patron. All were based on my native stingless bee photos in 2020 such as this one. She was also kind enough to send me a one. Thank you Christine! You should check out her other amazing work.