Beespotting in Malaysia

I was in Malaysia for two weeks at the end of June to early July 2023. After having a good experience chasing bees at the Montreal Botanical Garden a few weeks earlier, I decided to pack my macro kit (camera, lens, flash) for the trip.

I somehow forgot to bring the flash diffuser but managed to quickly make one using a white plastic folder and kitchen towel.

This time around I took my Nikon D7200 and Nikkor ai 105mm f/4 lens.

Fortunately I didn’t have to go far to find the bees as there were plenty of bees visiting my parent’s backyard. Here are some of the decent shots

In case you’re wondering, the pink flower is Antigonon leptopus or common name: Coral Vine or Mexican Creeper. Credits to those who help with the identification (via inaturalist)